10 October 2014

  • Say more in class: Participation changes us
  • We can risk for calling for help
  • In order to be a successful scholar you need to know what your surroundings are
  • Language is everywhere
  • Become comfortable with it
  • If not you will struggle
  • Ben – surrounded by language, you wan people to know what we are trying to say
  • Bill – relationship between two people
  • When people claim they know what we are thinking we like it. But, when people think thy know what we are thinking and they are wrong, we are pissed
  • Ben said something about voice
  • People speaking for us and they are wrong we are mad about it
  • Thinking about the world
  • Claiming the word is a better place
  • Care about your words to make a better place
  • Become comfortable with words and language
  • Claim your voice
  • Use your words to change the world around you
  • Play with our papers for 30-40 minutes and don’t bother to look at it
  • See lots of papers were people just play with the keyboards
  • Bill is looking for scholarship

Today we talked about scholarship and peoples level of academic rigor/ how to raise this level around the classroom.

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