12 September 2014

Guest Speaker: Lauren Watson with SASO

Rules for success in Bills Class:

Come to class everyday

Write Eveything down

Talk to your fellow scholars

Event tonight at the clock tower for SASO

Sexual assault is rampant across college campuses nation wide a& must be stopped!

5K Glow in the dark run for the cause. Go and promote the “tell someone” initiative

If you go tonight and take notes etc then you will be able to drop one low grade later in the semester.


Criticize-evaluate-reflection-observation-consideration.. etc

These words can all be expressed as verbs or nouns depending on how you write them.

Criticize Vs. Evaluate

Criticize means to point out the faults or negative about someone or something. Evaluate is a more objective complete review of the situation.

Evaluate Vs. Reflect

Evaluate means to be an outside party reviewing the situatin, where as reflection is a much more personal and “Inward” process.



WE must take care of and take pride in our language! Acknowledge when teachers are taking an interest in the process of your education!


Catch up on all homework for other classes and come prepared to do some solid learning on Monday!

The guest speaker that came with SASO today was pretty interesting. I though that she should have came much more prepared though.

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