15 September 2014

  • Bill will always return our papers and class assignments with feedback on them within one week of us turning it in
  • He’s not trying to turn us into perfect writers but rather help us to build confidence in our writing
  • “Money is not how you buy a book but instead by the amount of ink that the reader has filled the margins of the pages with”
  • The number one mistake teachers find in students papers is wrong word choice
  • My computer is not responsible for the errors in my papers, I am!
  • In college every one hour of class means there will be three hours of homework for that class. This excludes the time it takes to complete research projects
  • Bill wants us to do our homework in two and a half hours and give us “Time on Task” to complete our work
  • He wants us to create and write on our own blogs on the Fort Lewis College blog forum
  • A blog is a public forum created by an individual written for whoever the individual wants to read it
  • A post is what the creator of the blog writes on the blog
  • A comment is what an individual writes about my blog or what I write on others blogs
  • A response is what the creator of the blog writes about the comments they received on their blog
  • We are creating blogs to put our class notes on because: Students learn better when they revisit their notes!
  • Steps to create a FLC blog:
  • 1. Type in blogs.fortlewis.edu in the address window
  • 2. Go to FAQ and click here
  • 3. Scroll to bottom of page where it says META to login/ out
  • 4. Go to the top of the home page and click dashboard, then settings, then site title to name the blog
  • 5. Leave the tag lines, enter FLC email address, Timezone is Denver, the week starts on Monday
  • 6. Go to dashboard, then settings, then reading and uncheck the box at the bottom of the page that says search engine visibility and click save
  • 7. To write on blog, click post, then add new post, then publish
  • 8. To edit an old post, click edit then click update

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