17 September 2014

Jokes are Rhetorical situations

When in any rhetorical situation you must make the right decisions as to what diction to use, etc.

Bill can allow those naughty jokes but he may have negative repercussions come to him when he does this so he doesn’t do this!

All jokes pre-suppose some form of information about the joke teller!

Humor is all based on timing.

Bad humor can lead to a negative chain of events.

Greek words for time= Chronos/Kairos

Chronos- means to define time, measures time chronologically in a real or definite way.

Kairos- Is any sort of relative time or non real time not specifically defined.


puts plug ins into his blog page

organized all of his thoughts in a very understandable way. (Easy to read)

made it possible for the reader to follow a specific sequence of events! (used bullet points to be coolio)

MY TEAM- Ganelle, Callie, Katie, Tyler.

(numbers) IF you mmiss class then you get in touch with these people ASAP Ferg

For Friday I need to comment on all of their blogs and write comments back on my own blog

Todays class was kind of dry, but hey its all good. Because I have plenty of other blogs to do im just going to move on here


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