24 October 2014

  • How to move forward
  • Get back to assignment on activity theory
  • Start Work on our Blogs again
  • (Look forward to self assessment @ the end of semester)
  • Bill is looking for a robust engaged conversation
  • Topic of Academic Rigor policy (Student responsible for his/her own learning)
  • Genre/Language
  • Learn How  language works
  • Articulate a position
  • How to make knowledge
  • Everyone should take responsibility but not be secluded
  • Responsibility as a scholar to read/write
  • What are your intentions and goals for learning?
  • Serious-opposite of half-assed
  • You must care about something to put forth effort
  • What role do natural abbilities play compared to your effort?
  • “Serioiusly hard” Seriously not happening”
  • Reading writing language all connected
  • Triangle drawing
  • Rob brings up listening
  • Scholars find it hard to talkabout normalk things in an abnormal sense
  • listening as a physical act
  • Try Matters
  • Resbonsibility matters
  • Self-assessment matters
  • rigor matters
  • learning matters
  • matter matters
  • mad as hatters
  • slashing paths for,
  • matter  to store
  • Homework due for:
  • Monday: BLOG BLOG BLOG

Moving forward. like what I would like to be doing from this assignment, too bad I have to sit here at this damn computer wasting my entire day away!!

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