26 September 2014

  • You gotta want it!
  • College is not to make knowledge, but to learn a bunch of material that was written by old dead white guys.
  • You must try to succeed
  • “What’s about not trying?”
  • How do we make knowledge?
  • Motivated by class charges= 25$/per class
  • What are our groups for?
  • Is it up to you to get your $$ worth?
    It definitely is
  • Intertextuality- When in one piece of writing you barrow images or words from other writing.
  • Making connections between texts and writing
  • Always bringing “Traces of meaning” into our writing from other places. ( In this way we create new meaning)
  • Prior knowledge- Do we have prior knowledge?
  • “Whats about not trying” paraphrased;
  • “To apply yourself or put effort forth”
  • “Accomplish goals”
  • “Effort”
  • “Attempt to do something”
  • “Putting forth effort”
  • “To have life”
  • “Being your best even if its tough”
  • “Trying something whether or not you fail”
  • “Reach a desired outcome”
  • “To do something to the nest of your abilities” etc etc
  • I came to the definition of; “The act of applying effort towards a desired goal or outcome”
  • (Succeed and achieve) are not part of try
  • We came to the conclusion that although a ‘try’ is a way to score in rugby, it was not very textual in this situation.
  • The word ‘love’ can also be very different based on context
  • Manipulate these words inter-contextually to evoke certain emotions.
  • The convo never stops but pauses

Todays discussion was all about try and I really appreciated that. At this time in my life I really needed to talk for quite some time about try, and what It means to try/ to not try.


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