3 October 2014

  • You are required in a MLA format to use a work cited page
  • If you are going to refer to something make sure you cite it
  • It’s just not about books, movies, or magazine. It’s about lectures etc. Share with others if you talk about it
  • Don’t use the mistakes of saying I did not quote them
  • Insert, page numbering
  • Invest 2-3 hours to get to know Microsoft
  • Paragraphing – click the box
  • Ciciero – the first step is invention
  • Expand
  • Add work cited page for Monday
  • You know what you want to say
  • Take all the paragraphs and see if thy need to be put in a different spot
  • Easy way to tell a story
  • Professor will get bored easily
  • Have to learn to push back
  • Learn to take the measurements; read a person
  • Study the situation
  • Easy writer is your friend
  • CSE: Council of Science Editors
  • Follow the MLA

Today we talked a lot about MLA formatting and the importance of using it for your class. I think that i already kind of knew about MLA format but it was interesting and good review.

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