3 September 2014

O.W.M.=Mangrum (Old White Man)

“In My class everybody passes.”

(NO Class Friday)

Participation (Write everything down) See the knowledge that we get from class.

Put the room back together at the end of the class(Hospitality)

Scholar is to learn or not to learn.. that is the question

It is very important that people become aware of how they learn so that they can get the most out of there learning experience.

If you hear the word write and only think about writing essays then you are ignorant.

We must learn to listen to certain sounds and then writer it all down.

Never make claims without stating proper evidence- this will make or break an argument.

Good writing must hook the reader from the first moment that he or she starts reading that particular piece of literature.

We must always keep our readers in mind whenever we are writing for an audience. (this is a general rule of writing)

You need to be an eager scholar at this level son that you can make it in the real life. Cuz that’s as real as it gets.


A lot of money $$$ these days is being lost in transfer- Higher education is in todays society a very lucrative business.

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