5 September 2014

“People watching as I sit in your space, Monitor talking as I observe your face. It may sound Obscure to those passers by, but motifs are impure. A boy with stars in eye. Play my part to fly, as I mend these broken wings. Try to put this puzzle together while puzzled with broken things. In the thoughts of my surrender, I acquaint with misery. Troubled, I sit like a vendor. Who’s lost faith in his own company. Now I must remember my name. Or at least how I got to this place they said there’s no shame in fame. Then why must I feel so erased? Alone with my past, I am faced. Now staring back up towards you. My spirit still feels so incased. You can hear in my voice that its true. In reflection, a question I’m aiming at you.  Instead of moping, coping, or hoping; Why not make the next move.?”

Today’s Free write was very interesting to me. I had a lot of fun doing it, unlike this assignment I am currently doing.

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