8 October 2014

  • Take responsibility for checking your e-mail
  • Make sure you are getting news daily
  • Students take responsibility for their learning
  • May hate Bill for taking notes, but it helps develop the language
  • Don’t give up on taking notes
  • Required to know each other by name
  • Learning is the opposite of having fun
  • Writing is connected to listening, listening is connected to writing
  • Writing is about language
  • Language is about caring for people and the sound they make
  • We are caring for one another
  • Talking together is an aspect of learning
  • The physical act of writing gets you comfortable with your body
  • The more you writ, the more ink you write
  • First language was Navajo/Zuni
  • Didn’t really understand language until I started Head Start at the age of 4
  • Put my paper in chorological order from younger age to older age
  • Language is used among many cultures
  • Eljin – Middle school, took a gifted class, didn’t really learn anything, thought the coach as a teacher, taught him things. Teacher just gave information
  • Jessika – trouble in school, writing papers and got errors back, started to read more to help her with language
  • Sammy – Started of with college, went back to older year, didn’t learn how to read until the age of 12
  • Cheated their way through middle school, high school
  • The taking of notes is the way to win the war
  • Everyday you get comfortable of taking notes you win the war
  • Nobody can open your brain and make you write
  • Kaitlyn – Thought she was a pretty good writer until she took her first AP class during her sophomore year. Her teacher was very strict about commas. She never took that class until her senior year of high school.
  • The rules of writing are based on situations
  • 128 cultures on campus

I thought what we learned about all of the different tribes and councils being represented on campus today was very interesting. I would have never guessed that that many tribes existed let alone had people attending this college!


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