8 September 2014

NO= Kinda, sorta, maybe, i think, etc…

Papers will improve when you start to know the words that you are putting down. (WE have a lot of inherited fears about being told that we are wrong.)

We are all unique in our ability to speak, make songs and general sounds.

We must pay attention to our language.

TO use language correctly we must learn how to construct our thoughts confidently.

Assessment=Been using how to use empowerment. Learning to take control of our own education in a way that suits ourselves and gets a lot done.

Learning how to speak with steeze. SPEAK UP IN CLASS\Learning how to present ourselves in a professional manner.

DONT LET FEAR INTO YOUR MIND.- You can face fear and win!!!

I thought that your personal record of your time with the church was interesting. And the notion that you can go up against fear and not be defeated was an interesting concept.

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