Authoring Your Life?

I have mixed feelings about Magolda Baxter’s Authoring Your Life. The study that Baxter performed is very fascinating and could teach a lot to anyone. However, I often wonder if Baxter is shaping the results of the study to her own ends.

The theme I wish to focus on, is that of the Shadowlands.

Critical Thinking?

I would define critical thinking as questioning. The way to test something after all, is to question it in many different ways from many different angles. The cool thing about questions, is that they also bring out new connections between things. The more you pick something apart, the more you realize how connected the different parts are to different things.

I will employ this critical thinking in-class and with my research project. Questioning has served me well in life so far, and I believe it will continue to do so. I am not satisfied with a quick answer.