The Legend of Korra New Character “Kuvira”

This is one of the main question of  season 3 finale.  Many fans wondered who is Kuvira? Kuvira was not formally introduced in the finale. Her actual introduction was in the episode “the Metal Clan,” Where she is seen dancing in Suyin’s dance recital. Kuvira was a character that was unimportant until the season 3 finale. Her name was revealed accompanied by a musical theme. Fans have claimed that she will be season 4’s villain, after a leak in the season 3 trailer. The trailer showed a woman resembling Kuvira taking some prisoners with a smirk on her face. There is a difference in opinions, some say she will be the next villain while others disagree claiming that she will join the Korra Krew.

In my opinion, she will be the next Team Avatar member, because the creators have said that the next villain will not be spirit nor a Red Lotus. I have my doubts there is still something fishy about this character and I still do not know a lot about her. We will have to wait for season 4.

What do you think about “Kuvira” and how she will play in the final season of Korra? Will she be a villain or good guy? Please comment.

The Legend of Korra The Rebirth of the Dark Avatar

Season 2 is focused entirely on spiritual matters as Korra and her crew are now challenged to bring peace. Both in the spiritual and physical realms. With the introduction of the first Avatar Wan and the spirit of the Avatar, Raava. Vaatu is revealed as the secondary antagonist of the season following Unalaq, Korra’s uncle. Unalaq and Vaatu merged, creating the Dark Avatar. The Dark Avatar was a great threat and got a slim victory in severing all of Korra’s connections to her past lives. Though the Dark Avatar was ultimately defeated.

I wonder what if the Dark Avatar had been reborn. Would there be an endless battle between the good and evil? In my opinion, the Dark Avatar was the only true major threat to the Avatar. The Avatar would have to worry about continuous cycle of the Dark Avatar.

Do you think the Dark Avatar should have been reborn? Are there any villains that you think can pose a great threat as the Dark Avatar? Please Comment.

The Legend of Korra really suitable for children?

In the first season the Legend of Korra, a charismatic villain, Amon’s plan was to rid the world of all benders. Benders are people that can bend the four elements (fire, water, earth and wind). Amon disables their ability to bend the elements. Forcing them to become regular human beings.   In part two of season 1 finale, the people that followed Amon found that he is a bloodbender. He controls other people using their blood.  Amon gets his brother Tarrlok, they were seen leaving Republic City. Tarrlok grabs an Equalist glove to electrocutes their boat’s gas canister. The two were killed on screen in detail.

Season 3 brought a darker side more than the previous two seasons. It began when the main villain Zaheer. He bends the air out of the Earth Queen in a form of asphyxiation. Later in the  season, Zaheer and his friends headed to ambush the Air Nation. They beat up Tenzin nearly killing him in the process. In a two part finale, P’li, a combustion bender, is about to do a finishing blow to Lin Beifong. Her combustion blast is blocked when Suyin covers her with metal plate. The blast exploded her head,  killing her instantly. In the final episode, Mako is a firebender and Ming-Hua, an armless waterbender battle to the death. Ming-Hua gain an upper hand when  Mako jump into a pool of water. She attacked him trying to kill him.  Mako lighting bends the water electrocuting Ming-Hua to death. Mako then helped  his brother battle Ghazan, an lavabender. Ghazan, outnumbered did not want to surrender. He decided to commit suicide. He did not want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Based on theses scenes of Legend of Korra. I think this show should be for teenage audience. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Please comment.