The Process

The research process for this particular paper was stress and reward put together. I was fortunate to find all the information I wanted to be able to make my claim. Just like any other research paper, journal articles are a must (peer-reviewed articles to be exact). Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 2.13.18 AMThese are basically articles written by people who have spent incredible amounts of time doing their own research to keep their idea going so that others can continue researching that idea. For my research paper I had a total of five different journal articles that I looked at and reviewed. Along with journal articles, it doesn’t hurt to have primary sources like books related to your topic. There are tons of books out there that are abouDSM-5_Covert any topic possible and all it does is take time to find one or two that are specific enough to use in research. For my research in particular I looked at the DSM-V and Honoring the Medicine¬† by Kenneth Cohen.
Websites are also good for your paper, I had two websites cited in my paper and I got very valuable information for both of them that were essential in carrying out the research. Overall, journal articles, books, and web4134Y5MWHWL._AA160_sites are important for any research paper and citing them in your paper is just as important.

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