Where To Begin

Of course to understand how to treat posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), one must know what it is. PTSD is a disorder that begins after someone has seen or experienced a traumatic event that traumatizes them. Having PTSD means that the person has symptoms like recurring, unpleasant memories or dreams of the traumatic event just to name a few. PTSD has been found be more common in African Americans, Latinos, and American Indians and there are many treatments that are for it that come from Western medicine (hospitals, health care centers, mental hospitals, etc.). An example of treatment is prolonged exposure therapy which is basically exposing the patient to the things that they are most afraid of that cause their PTSD. American Indian veterans have the opportunity to look for alternative ways of help. They can consult help through their culture and tradition. Native American tradition is considered holistic treatment because everything come into play when treating the patient. Things like physical, mental, emotional, environment around them, etc. are all examined to find the root problem and then something can be done to help the patient.

This is what my Literature Review looked like:

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