Scared To Be Wrong


In class on Monday, we discussed, as a class, the reasoning behind why students stay quiet in class and not answer questions or participate in discussions. Some reasons students stay quiet are:

  • Scared to be wrong
  • Not a 100% sure they are right( Goes back to fear of being wrong)
  • Simply not knowing the answer

wallsFrom sitting through many classes and observing students and being a student myself, I have come to the conclusion that being scared to be wrong is the biggest factor in students not answering a question in class. Why are students so scared to be wrong? Being wrong shows that one is pushing their boundaries. If a student is right all the time how are they pushing themselves? In class, I need to start answering questions that I don’t know for sure. By participating in class I will expand the walls that I have built for myself and it will lead to me receiving a better education.



Contrast much like emphasis guides the viewer to notice some things over others. “Contrast is the difference between elements, where the combination of those elements make one element stand out from another.”


In this photo, the red rose stands out. In contrast to the green field the rose pops. When blogging the same concepts must be applied. Using appropriate pictures and words in the right places can make the important information stand out just like the red rose against the field.



After reading through the book, the section called Analyzing Design Choices stands out the most to me. The first category is called Emphasis. When looking at a blog, certain pictures and words stand out, this is because they are emphasized.assssa

Its important to know what to emphasize and what not to. If used correctly emphasizing certain words or pictures can really enforce ones point.

Reflection on Definition


1. We should add a part that brings up the idea of “filling in the holes.” I know we talked about it in class but it did not make it in. I think we, as a class, should add it the definition.

2. The definition does not cover whether or not one has to be trying to find new information. Would it still be inquiry if someone stumbles upon information?

3. As a whole, the definition is to short. The class decided that it should only be I sentence. If we were to expand it, it would be able to cover more things and be more precise.



I really enjoyed the small groups. What I liked  most about them was receiving help and advice about my blog. I was not very familiar with blogs and I struggled with changing the settings, my name and making my blog look all fancy but, I was able to get help from my group. It was also nice to make new friends, were all friends on Facebook now!

Linguistic and Gestural Modes


blog 2

This picture shows linguistic and gestural modes. This picture is advertising the option to study abroad. See how the lady in the picture is pointing at all the different flags. By doing this she is directing the viewers eyes to the flags that represent all the many places that one can go. Also in the top left corner it says “live without regrets,” this phrase is an excellent example of the linguistic mode. Its encouraging one to take risks, study abroad, don’t regret it later.


blog 1

This picture shows a great example of the visual mode. It has a picture of a snowboarder doing a grab on a large jump. The picture is advertising a Purg season pass. The picture is great because the viewer will think that if they get a season pass they will be able to ride like the person in the picture.


Funny Communication Skills

A little while back one of my friends showed me this video, I found it really funny. It has to do with communication. The theme of the video is that one just needs to be straight up and communicate clearly. This idea directly relates to writing, when writing one must be clear and precise so that one will be able to communicate clearly through their writing. I hope you guys get a good laugh while watching this video!

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