Scared To Be Wrong


In class on Monday, we discussed, as a class, the reasoning behind why students stay quiet in class and not answer questions or participate in discussions. Some reasons students stay quiet are:

  • Scared to be wrong
  • Not a 100% sure they are right( Goes back to fear of being wrong)
  • Simply not knowing the answer

wallsFrom sitting through many classes and observing students and being a student myself, I have come to the conclusion that being scared to be wrong is the biggest factor in students not answering a question in class. Why are students so scared to be wrong? Being wrong shows that one is pushing their boundaries. If a student is right all the time how are they pushing themselves? In class, I need to start answering questions that I don’t know for sure. By participating in class I will expand the walls that I have built for myself and it will lead to me receiving a better education.

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