Helpful Advice


On page 160, from the book, So What: The writers Argument, it talks about filling in the gaps. I found this paragraph to be very helpful because, I often struggle with making my essays long enough. In the past, if I had to meet a page requirement, I would repeat already stated facts and ramble on. However, what the book is saying to do, is to look at ones paper and find the missing gaps. It’s almost impossible too cover everything about the certain topic. The book gives five pointers to think about. Here they are:

1. Incorporate more examples

2. Respond to more adjectives

3. Relate the argument to real-life contexts

4. Discuss the larger implications of your argument

5. Make the connections to other related issues

I copied and pasted these five pointers, and saved them. Next time I get stumped writing a paper I will look back to these. I hope they help you as well.


Show Improvement


After reading the article, and discussing with my group I realized what blogging should look like in the academic setting. I now know that I need to put more pictures up, when posting articles, I need to organize them better, also I need to show a better understanding of the topic. From here forward I will improve and my posts will be overall better.

5 Different Modes


Again, Multimodal can be broken down into two parts, in this post I will only focus on one part, mode. There are five distinct words that represent all the different ways to communicate. The five modes are linguistic, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial. Linguistic mode is the act of communicating through words, they can be either written or spoken. Visual mode, in my opinion is the most important. If I see a poster on the side of the road I will notice it because of the color or layout rather then the words on it. Aural mode looks at sound. Sound is all around us, we turn on the TV, there’s sound, turn on the radio, sound. Aural mode plays a very important part, however most people will not notice it. For example, in a climax of a movie, the sound will become more dramatic as it builds up the intensity of the movie, but the viewer will more focus on the visuals however, the sound plays just as important role as the visuals. Gestural mode is the act of how one communicates through movements such as body language.  Spatial Mode is the physical arrangement. An example of spatial mode would be looking at flowers at City Market, the employees there put time into organizing the flowers to be as appealing as they can be.



When I first looked at the cover of the book, I noticed it was called Writer/ Designer, with a sub text stating A Guide to Making Multimodal Projects. I had never heard of the word Multimodal in a sentence before and I was curious to figure out what the definition was, after annotating the table of contents I flipped to the first page and in the first paragraph, it gave the definition. Multimodal can be broken down into two parts, Multiple and mode. Mode is one way of communicating, it can be many different types, for example it can either be spoken, written words or even pictures. The idea of multimodal is the idea  of how ones uses multiple ways to communicate in every day life.

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