Final Self Assessment


After thinking back and reflecting on this semester, I have realized just how many privileges and chances we were given to learn. Each day I walked into class, I was handed so many affordances. The affordances I was given were:

  • The Physical Arrangement of the seats
  • Able to complete both Self-Assessments
  • Receiving and giving

    feedback on blogs

  • Note taking
  • The blog itself
  • Blogithon
  • Phone numbers to you and other students
  • Learning environment where we controlled our time

The affordance that I personally appreciated the most was the arraignment of the seats. They remind me of a family dinner table. I have so many fond memories of sitting around a big dinner table with my family. During dinner, we would chat about random things, then progress into more serious topics. We would argue and discuss these. After every dinner discussion, I would leave, not only with a satisfied stomach but also with new knowledge. Going to Comp this year was just like dinner with my family, we would joke around but then get into serious topics. If the desks were set up differently, this would not have been possible. I really enjoyed how the seats were set up.

Another affordance that was very helpful to me was the mid-term self assessment.  The first part of the semester, I was still living with the summer mindset. I forgot how much work needs to be put into college classes. I would blow off assignments and go ride my bike. I didn’t feel good about this, but it was so easy to do. When I sat down too write my self assessment, I realized that it was my choice to go to college, my money and my time. I should get as much out of it as I can. After I realized that, I improved on all these things.


  •  Attendance- I easily missed 7+ days the first half of the semester and the second half I missed less then 3.
  •  Time spent of task- First half of the semester I would rush through tasks, second half I paid attention to the recommended time and I got so much for out of the assignment.
  •  Blog- At the time of the first self assessment, it was obvious that my blog was not on par with my peers. I put a lot of work into it and got it caught up

Out of these areas in which I felt that I have improved in, putting more time in blogging has given the most back. Don’t get me wrong, the other two are so important. But the skill to blog will have so many positive uses in my future. Being able to blog well means that one is a comfortable public writer. Blogging also teaches how to use multimodal aspects in a presentation. I know that I still have a long ways to go until I am a “good” blogger but I have started on my way.

Multimodal skills that I have gained through this semester are going to come in use when I become a teacher. When I give presentations and have the kids do projects I will have the tools to inspire my students and get my point a crossed in the most effective way.

If I was to give myself a grade for this semester it would be either a high B or a low A. I am very proud of my research project. I put more time on that then all assignments combined on the first half of the semester. I was very pleased how it turned out. One thing that I could improve on is attendance and logging after I blog. For some reason, I would always forget to log my time spent on the blogs.  Participation in class was okay. I can think back to a handful of times that I spoke voluntarily. That could improve. However, it was nice how you called on people. Its always hard to speak up even when I had something to say, but being called on was nice because it forced me to express my ideas.

Sincerely, Thank you Bill! I have had so much fun in the two semesters I have had with you and learned so many life lessons.

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