Mid-Term Self Assessment


As I sit down and look back at this semester, I am not very pleased at my effort. All through out high school and last year I put a lot more effort in. The more effort I put in the better grades I would receive. This year my lack of effort has shown in my grades. My grades are not where I want them to be. It finally become a reality this past week when I started thinking about my self assessment. I looked at peers blogs and they on a whole different level then mine. I know if I put more time and effort into my blog it will be as good as my peers. I need to buckle down and put in the effort I know I have. College is to expensive not to get everything that one could possibly get out of it. After looking back at this semester I know that from here on out I need to put more effort in to my education. I intend to do that starting this Monday.

Growing up I loved watching basketball. One of my favorite players was Jason Kidd, he played for a number of NBA teams including the Mavericks, Suns and the Nets. Kidd put so much practice and effort into making it in the NBA. This is one of his famous quotes.


I love this quote because I can directly relate this to school. I am definitely not the smartest in any class I take, but that does not matter. I need to stay motivated and grasp the education that is being handed to me. Slacking off on assignments is not going to get the job done.

Even though I have been slacking off this semester I have learned so many things. The things that have helped me grow as a scholar are:

  • Cohort  Groups (Really helped with getting my blog up to date.)
  • Sitting in a circle is class (Makes my stay focused.)
  • Feedback from peers

One brand new concept I have learned is multimodal. The different branches of multimodal is:

  • Visual
  • Linguistic
  • Spatial
  • Gestural
  • Aural


Looking back some things that have distracted me from spending more time on school work is: Gee-Atherton-Drop-In255935627_sunny_days1_answer_2_xlarge107532211_medium_694ce4

Beautiful days, rocks needed to be climbed and trails needed to be ridden have all taken my focus and drive away from school. I am here in Durango for school first and I have to remember that.

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