Strategy for Reading


The first thing I am going to do before I even think about opening the book is make myself a nice cup of tea, pumpkin spice tea to be more specific. I’m then going to go into my room open up my backpack and pull out the book. After I have my tea and my book I am going to sit in my comfy chair and turn on the reading light. Only then will I open the book and begin to read the article. I am first going to read the first sentence of the article and the very last one. Then I’m going to read the first and last sentence in every paragraph. I hope to accomplish the main ideas from doing this.

After I have an idea of what the article is about I will go through once and read the entire thing. After reading for an hour I’m going to go play a game of FIFA to help relax and reboot my mind. Once the game is done I’m going to finish the reading. While doing the reading I am going to underline all the pieces of information that I find interesting. Any questions that I have about the texts I am going to write in the margins of the book.

After I have completed the reading I am going to go back through and re read all my annotations and re read all the underlined information. I hope that this helps spark new thoughts and if it creates new questions I will write those down with a different colored pen.

What I learned on October 31 2014

Today in class I learned a lot of new things about blogging as a concept and certain tools we can utilize to help us get there. I learned a new concept about hyperlinking and how it makes it easier for the reader to get to the  source you are using. It immediately gives credit where it is due and makes everything a little bit neater. I think the idea of being organized is important while blogging. If everything was messy and scattered your words wouldn’t be as credible. Thats why adding things like pictures are nice. Not only does it give a little bit of insight to who you are as a person but it also makes your page look nicer giving you more credibility. I didn’t know how to add a picture before class but now I do. I also learned that size matters. When it comes to pictures at least, you don’t want a huge picture to take away from what is important in your blog. The last thing I learned is how to make different pages. This is also a useful tool because it shows the focus of what you are talking about. You don’t have to search the entire blog and once again it makes it more organized giving you more credibility. This is all very important to scholarship. We want people to take our words seriously and to realize that we are credible source. All these things: pages, hyperlinks, and pictures. They are all noticed before the words on your blog are even read. As a scholar we have to think about these things and that is why blogging is important. It helps us grow and learn in areas that we probably haven’t experienced before.

“Serious” as it relates to education as a whole

When it comes to applying the word “serious” to my education as

a whole I think that Sam deGraw says it best when he says “serious is

affirming the realness of the situation.” Education doesn’t just mean

what we learn in the classroom. It is what we take in every minute of

every single day.

This might seem like a basic concept that we are responsible for

taking in the information that is presented to us every day.  Just

because it is a basic concept doesn’t make the situation any less real.

The general situation of our education is a very serious one.

I think that this might actually be the most real situation we

encounter as a whole society. We have a social obligation to make

advancements and grow and learn. This means every opportunity

we have to make personal advancements we should. Some of these

might be as simple as listening to the people around you when they

speak to you. Others might be as difficult as studying weeks on end

for a specific class you are studying in.

If we don’t take our education as a whole serious then we will get

left behind and we will not survive. Advancements in medicine and

advancements in technology have been the key to our survival our

entire lives. If people didn’t take education serious these things

would have never happened. You cannot relax and shouldn’t take it


Sometimes its easier to describe “serious” like Precious Yazzie says,

“serious is something that isn’t kidding.” Maybe it’s hard for some

people to to hold our education in such high regards. It might be

easier for these people to just understand that our education isn’t a

joke. If you really sit down and think about it, if we were to joke

about our education nothing would get done. Our education is the

key to the future, but wither the future is good or not depends on

how serious you take it.

“Serious” as it Relates to Class

The word “serious” has many definitions. Some of which are used

to describe and emotion, and some that are used to describe an

action. When the word “serious” is applied to our class I think Kevin

Cornett says it best, “serious is the expectation that something will

be done.”

In our class we are expected to get many things done. Every day

we are excepted to come to class and take down notes. If we don’t

get this done we won’t be able to do our homework assignments

which almost always involve our notes.

Although we are expected to take notes and do assignments

these are only so that we can reach the real expectation of obtaining

new knowledge. Everything we do in class pushes us towards this

goal. As Sam Halac says, “serious is going towards a goal with a

motivated mind set”

I agree with this. If we were not motivated we wouldn’t try to do

our best, and if we don’t try our best we don’t get better. We have to

be motivated to join in on conversations. We have to be motivated

to go write a 2000 word paper. We have to be motivated to obtain

new knowledge.

At the end of this class it is important that we are able to realize

what we have accomplished in a serious manner. Using the word

“serious” here is best described by Ami Gabryszewski when she

says, “serious is disciplined.” Being disciplined applies in many ways

to this class. We have to hold ourself accountable for the knowledge

presented to us, and the actual amount of knowledge we took in.

Even if we want a good grade we have to be disciplined enough to

not lie to ourselves and give an honest representation of what was





Comments on papers = Not penalizing

After Comp 150 there is a space then a slash ( top leaning to the right)

Italics do not go in quotations

Turn 9signals are a convention they signal you are going to move

Italics signal you are quoting a book

Everything is double spaced

11 pt font

blog  – 3 parts

Post your notes

4 hour break

write an essay on what we talked about during class

4 hour break

take notes and make a connection to your other learning around campus

Typical comments made :

“I didn’t get anything out of that”

“That class was a waste of time”

“I’m never going to use that”

“It was no use to me”

Students are not pushed to make connections

Blos still follow MLA format :

– No header

-No page numbers

Wide range open discussion

Pushing to tease out subtleties and differences

we are pushing to understand language

process we are developing

What does serious mean?

Precious – ” Something that is not kidding”

The fundamental way of finding out what a word means – find out what it doesn’t mean first

solem – serious

expand more priorities

Sydney – ” I think of random thoughts”

“Serious Texas Barbecue”

“Focused determined”

CJ  – “serious is a tone”

Amy – “disciplined”

Katie – ” attempt to be understood ”

Serious ” deep thought”

Sam H ” going towards a goal with a motivated mind set”

Lorene – ” Legitimate ”

Justin L – “Full bodied attempt to do something ”

Justin R – ” Emotion that matches the Magnitude of the situation”

your paper should involve switching words

Sam D ” Affirming the realness of the situation”

Kevin – ” Serious is a que that you need to pay attention”

Sydney – ” I forgot”

“Patch Writing” – Idea to plagiarism

write essay on the word seriousness as it relates to this class- self assessments, word choice, conversation.

Common ordinary words have meaning in your head when you put them on paper, it isn’t always the same meaning for the reader





When looking back at the experience I had after observing the class during discussion I think there are many beneficial things I can pull from it that apply to my major. My major is philosophy, so the fact that we were trying to ask a question about query (which means to question) fits perfectly. There is no better way to explain to someone  what philosophy is by saying its all about asking questions, finding out why, who, and how. Not only is that convenient but it is also helpful in other ways. Going back and reflecting on an experience should be helpful in any degree. This is where you find mistake, this is where you see improvements can be made, regardless of the topic.  In philosophy we have to be able to take given information and analyze it so that it makes sense. That is exactly what we just did. Not only can this be compared and connected to my major, but in a way it was like I was practicing my major on a smaller scale.  Some of the stuff you take away from these types of things will be useful for my future. I learned to slow down, not everybody processes things at the same speed. Usually in philosophy you are trying to convince something to understand things. So understanding that the slower you present it and the chances of them getting it will be higher is extremely useful. Or it could be used in the exact opposite way. Maybe I know my argument isn’t that strong so I rush through all my evidence and speak really fast, so that they don’t have time to develop their thoughts and destroy my argument. I’m sure there are several other applications where this experience can be connected to my major, but for now I’m think I’m satisfied with this.

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