My experience in class on 10/29/14 and class notes

The value of arguing is amazing. It helps us reach a  better understanding of something we are talking about. All day we are making claims and counter claims to make everyone happy.

We can call this the Halloween discussion day. The class and I were arguing with Bill on why we should get extra credit if we show up to class dressed up. Our best points as a class to not dress up were

  • It takes effort
  • might cost money
  • embarrassment
  • separation of people
  • some people think they are too old to dress up

Our reasons for wanting extra credit if we dress up for class on Halloween is

  • it is fun
  • it is not socially acceptable to dress up everyday
  • a personal desire because you like Halloween
  • could be funny
  • to show off your costume
  • tradition
  • make connections to other people in costumes

I myself decided to dress up because I could use any extra credit I can get. I am dressed up as a scooter guy with a helmet, a scooter, some gloves and jeans!

3 September 2014 class notes

This was the day bill told us he was an OWM, not the first day of school according to my notes. One thing you can easily tell from day one is thast participation is very important to Bill and who can blame him? It’s all teachers want! I learned from Bill that “notetaking” is an act of writing. One thing vital to being successful in anything is knowing how you learn, it is VITAL.

  • You always need EVIDENCE
  • 1st person backed with EVIDENCE
  • Need to have great hook, professors get bored w/ so many papers they have to grade
  • Attention- Good
  • Conflict- Good
  • You CANNOT lose your professor
  • Use paragraph breaks
  • Double space your paper
  • Time on task- The more time you give students to do something the more that they retain that information

1 September class notes

Bill Bill Bill, he is an OWM (Old White Man) he wishes to be a NOWM( Nice Old White Man) but with all the notes and homework. Lets just say he has some work to do. His first words had to be “did you write that down”, he likes to say that a lot.

  • he had us write everyones name down
  • brilliance is about my brain my mind and people thinking
  • you are not smart enough to know what is important and what is not
  • learn to expand and relate
  • the source is not your friend
  • do not use words you do not know
  • begin to love language
  • do not compile an absurd amount of quotes
  • say something unique and take a stand on it

One of the craziest things that Bill said was that teachers are just as afraid as students for the first day and first introductions.  Now this just can not be true, teachers like Bill have been through many years of teaching freshman and they have there routine down just like Bill does. While us Freshman have no clue what we are doing and just are along for the trip



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