Annotation Strategy Evaluation

I decided that overall, my strategy worked very well! I ended up modifying a few things but stuck to my original plan for the most part. My original intent was to highlight as I was reading and then go back to add notes so that I didn’t lose my train of thought. The problem with that was that I would forget my original thoughts on the highlighted section by the time I came back to it. I ended up having to annotate immediately so it took a lot longer to go through the text but I did fine with staying on track. I got too interested in the text and started annotating way too much which also didn’t help with the whole time thing but that’s okay, I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit from it even though that wasn’t the intended outcome of this assignment. So, yes, overall i’m pleased with my strategy and I’ll definitely continue to use it when I annotate. Although, I might have to switch up the colors a bit because I have a knack for losing pens. I might not read things twice if at all avoidable as well. It’s just a bit too much.

Annotation Strategy

                                                 Annotation Strategy

Normally annotating really messes me up and breaks my concentration causing me to forget everything I read up until that point. So, my plan is to take it page by page and maybe I’ll be able to retain the information. As I’m reading a page, I’ll highlight important things that I want to take note of in yellow highlighter. Once I finish reading the page, I’ll go through and make notes with black pen next to the things I highlighted with yellow. After I’ve finished going through the entire article like this, page by page, I’ll go back and reread it. The second time around, I’ll take the same page by page approach but, this time, I’ll highlight new things I find with a pink highlighter and make notes with a blue pen. If I feel like I need to alter previous notes, I’ll do it in purple pen.

I really like learning new words so if I come across a word that I don’t know, I usually like to write the definition next to it. So, if this happens, I’ll put an asterisk next to the word with green pen and then link it to the bottom with another asterisk along with the definition.

I’m quite excited to try this out and use all of the pretty colors so we’ll see how this goes! It’s possible that I just discovered a breakthrough in my learning experience.

Myself as a scholar

Myself as a scholar… I strive to be as scholastic as possible. I’m that nerdy kid that’s obsessed with homework and good grades. My first semester of college has been a bit stressful though but, I’m working through it. This semester I’m taking a total of four classes. My most challenging class being Literature of the Southwest which, ironically, I thought would be the easiest. I was wrong, so very wrong. Its a 280 class so maybe that has something to do with it. Expectations are a bit higher than a normal freshman class. I’m also taking a math class but I absolutely suck at math so I’m in like the lowest math class that they offer here at The Fort. I thought it would be a little easier than it is but none the less, it’s still fairly easy and I have a good grade in it. Class number three is political science.. I do like the work in this class, it’s decently easy but, sitting in class is so boring. Poli sci is my major though so I better get used to it. COMP 150 is with out a doubt my FAVORITE class. I thought I was going to hate it but, it’s been so helpful and I’ve been able to learn so much from it.

Writing About Writing Reflection: 26 September 2014

Writing About Writing

So, from what I understood of the reading, the authors are totally on the same level as students. If we didn’t have to worry about following all of these specific rules, it’d be so much easier to write a more in depth, decent paper. Although.. Why did they write a book that tells us how to write if we shouldn’t have rules when we write? Also, they’re expecting us to use all of these different resources but I feel like no college student is going to put that much effort into it.. I suppose it’s nice to have though, just in case..

Our group met in Peace Park. We were easily able to sort out the reading and get right down to business. The text was easy to follow along with and comprehend..

MY CLASS NOTES: 24 September 2014

  • Invention, arrangement, style, memorization, delivery
  • Invention- Window into topic
  • Arrangement- What to say and how to say it
  • Order- Needs to be respectful towards the reader
  • “As a scholar, we’re asked to actually break a sentence apart”
  • ” If you can go back through a text and find the words that your eyes blaze over and then focus on it, it will help you understand because those are the words making you resist the text.”
  • Readability index in word: In a new document click File>Options>Proof and then check the box that says “readability statistics”
  • Friday assignment: Meet with group, ready pages 1-11 in Writing about Writing aloud. Then read it aloud again and pick a couple of paragraphs to analyse.
  • One of the biggest hindrances of learning is shyness of ones voice and being scared of messing up.
  • “Language opens doors and language closes doors”
  • Every person has their own language
  • Fowler’s handbook of English Uses 
  • Don’t gain knowledge in order to be above people
  • Rhetoric is the discipline that helps you to think that in any given situation, you are a speaker and there is an audience and you’re trying to convey a message to them.
  • We adapt ourselves to different situations and audiences
  • Rhetoric is an art in which you are aware that the audience has certain needs, and being able to establish credibility.
  • Constraints effect our decisions all the time

Map and Lab Report

IMG_4670 (1)


Lab Report:

At first, no one really knew what to say but then once conversation started, things started to pick up and progress. Luke Landreneau had some ideas that a couple of people pinged off of. There was definitely some confusion as to what the definition (or explanation) was, but as conversation continued on, people started to get the idea. I feel like even though we came up with  pretty solid answers for both questions,  some people (including myself) felt like it goes more in depth than that and there’s a much more accurate explanation. The group on my side of the room mostly stayed quiet, but I think it’s because they were busy researching and not necessarily because they didn’t have anything to say. I know that’s how I felt. I wanted to make sure to record as much information as possible so that I had enough research to complete a paper.


Political Science Major

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