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What are the advantages and disadvantages of federalism?


To answer this question, we first have to define terms. What is federalism? Federalism is the equal sharing of power between state and national government, it has been the bases of American government since the ratification of the constitution.

Federalism has many advantages. State elected government officials are more likely to understand problems and policy concerns of their specific region and can provide adequate solutions based on their known knowledge of the area. Because of the separation of powers, states are able to have their own freedom on issues such as legalization of medical marijuana, same-sex marriage, and taxes which is incredibly important and also allows other states as well as the national government to learn from their success and failures.

However, though federalism seems mostly positive, there are some disadvantages of federalism. Some issues of jurisdiction can create quite a legal mess. It also creates sort of a race between states as some states undermine policies of the other states that are close by. For example, one state may allow gambling while the next state does not.

I believe that federalism has more advantages than disadvantages. I agree with the separation of powers as opposed to a singular concentration of power which is less effective as most states have different needs and concerns than other states. Because of federalism, the government is more responsive to the voice of the people which, is so important.