International Business

International Business, in short the understanding how conduct business across the world and having the skills to manage these activities. From My understanding one the best skills to learn along with understanding the business world is the ability to talk to people from a different world.

It is important to know what you are doing and to have a great business plan, but the presentation the plan, investment, or anything business related is talking. I person could have a great plan, and it could be the best move financially wise, but if they have to present it well.

To present a idea well, I have learned that it is a combination of: confidence, presentation, and the plan itself. A business that is doing work in between countries will not invest any money if the presentation is sub-par. They will judge the presenter in everything: sex, age, verbal communication, attire, body language, their status in the company/business, and even where they come from. In order to have a successful presentation or partnership, both parties have to be able to communicate. To get this communication to start is by talking to each other.

I have personally learned that business lunches are extremely important. In Japan, a person MUST understand the mannerisms of the area. They must be polite, courteous, have a business card and be respectful. It sounds easy, but in practice it is very hard. A Japanese business person will be very upset if they are setting a meeting and they do not see the person who is in charge and get a representer who’s status is considered lower then their own. It is considered disrespectful, they will also be upset if they will do business with a CEO who younger. A person could walk into a room and already the people who they are presenting to will not like them.

If this were to happen then it is left to them to change their opinion of them in one meeting. To do this is by talking to the other party. They have to prove that they not only know what they are going to do to make money, but prove they can with stand the pressure of this career they chose.

Prestation of one’s self is important as well, A person has to understand that there are things that are considered professional, but not professional in other areas of the world. In the United States it is generally accepted that time is important, but in Mexico time is not as important. In Mexico time is not as strict as it is in the U.S., a meeting could be scheduled at 2:00 P.M. but it will not take place until 4:00 P.M. This meeting could take place at a bar, lunch, or even at social event not pertaining to the business at all. In Germany it would be drastically different, business will only be held at the company with a set time and strict rules of the meeting.

This is only the beginning of understanding International Business, there are several other aspects that have to be considered, but I believe that taking is the most important. A meeting could start off horrible, but with the skill of talking and getting the other party to believe in you, could be the difference between making millions of dollars or looking for another job occupation.