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Kinta Hvt Anukfohkachi Society translates from Choctaw as “Enlightened by the Beaver” Society. Kinta means beaver; the beaver is a keystone species that actively alters the course of waterways, providing an abundance of habitat for a multitude of plants as well as an amazing variety of creatures. The beaver teaches us to act with the same generous view that the many issues facing Indigenous communities need to be addressed from a philosophy of ecological interrelatedness. The Society exists to encourage published academic research through the interdiciplinary lens of Native American and Indigenous Studies in the form of scholarship, intellectual discourse, and civic engagement. We will engage in a variety of activities but our main goal is to conduct an annual Academic Symposium.

For questions please contact:

President: Christine Myers csmyers@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Nichlas Emmons ndemmons@fortlewis.edu

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