The Half A**ers


Many courses offered in college these days are half assed. What I mean by this is classes that require learning done at home, by yourself, in your textbook. This is very favorable to those who are visual learners; however, for hands on learners and those that learn better by listening to a teacher (myself), this is not the best method.

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On February 16, 2015, I observed in my Organic Chemistry II class that many students were not paying attention. I also was not and this is simply due to the fact that the teaching style presented–learning at home–is not the most comfortable for myself. I believe that the best way for students to cope with this is to be given the option of seeing what teaching styles are available for a particular course. This allows those that favor this teaching style to have the opportunity to be in the class, and those who do not to opt for a different teaching method.

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This self-teaching teaching style has many downfalls, and I believe that the primary one is the inability of asking the professor questions as knowledge is learned. If I have a question on the formation of hydrates, I should be given the option to ask questions in class as I am learning. This is available, for the most part, in my Organic Chemistry class; however, I would feel more comfortable asking questions as I learn rather than learning something wrong at home and trying to unlearn it later in class.

As a student paying a large sum to attend college here, I expect that teachers do not half ass classes that I require to learn the most knowledge from. I strongly believe that we deserve a chance to choose the teaching styles that best fits with how we learn, giving us the option of learning how we want to learn.

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