In order to truly get something from these stories I think that I am going to have to let go of the fact that i think Kurt is too negative. It’s difficult not to see him this way but the truth is, Magolda shaped the image of him that I have, not Kurt. I still feel like Kurt is learning lessons much later than a lot of people do. At age 35 he’s still talking about how he recently learned to “…just be yourself…” and its like dude. How many times did you probably hear that growing up…

Friday Dec 7: read Kurt’s story directly after lunch in the library

Saturday Dec 8: read again after work in the living room

Sunday Dec. 9: read late at night before bed in my room

Beginning of an Overall Summary

It is often common for the individual to attempt to “fit in” and simply work to please others. The issue that arises along with such an act is that it dis-allows people to utilize their unique characteristics that may be most helpful in becoming successful. In Authoring Your Life, Kurt is always battling external forces that he simply cannot control. In his work life, Kurt felt as if he did not have his co-workers respect which was extremely difficult for him to cope with. Even as an adult Kurt still had to grow and mature to understand that he simply had to do his job and trust his employees regardless of personal relationships. [Kurt] had to realize that [he] wasn’t going to be all things to all people.” Kurt soon became much more capable of performing his job and being successful in the work world after he ceased attempting to modify himself so that his employees may have a better personal relationship with him.

Definite Research Topic

So for my research topic I think I’m going to dissect the idea that our differences in personalities are perhaps one of the most important parts of functioning in modern culture.   We’ve talked a lot about this in class with the “internal voice” idea and I think Kurt battles this quite a bit in his life journey. I’m sure that I will be able to use all of the stories to help develop my idea, but I will probably focus on Kurt and Lydia because I think they will contrast well. Kurt is constantly trying to fit a mold that his peers shape for him and Lydia states that she is well-aware the she “can’t be all things to all people.” These two individuals should give powerful evidence that being ourselves and allowing our individual characteristics to show is possibly the best way to be successful and happy with the navigation of life.

“I can’t try to be all things to all people”

Do our character flaws make us individuals? I think that although it is important to continually build ourselves into greater individuals, the reality is that our personality “flaws” are what make us individuals. These very problems that we continually try to cope with can sometimes lead to greater ideas and discoveries. I think my other topic option would be that we should all grow more accepting to our own character flaws (not necessarily ALL). Instead of learning to delete these from our system entirely, maybe we should try to grow into them.


I would really like to find a topic about discussing a way to better organize and manage your life. Organization leads to a healthy lifestyle and there is no doubt that I have issues with simple management of everyday tasks. Although this may not seem like a serious issue, I truly believe that if someone can have the discipline to manage their own life accordingly that they will live a much happier and healthier life.