My Class Notes: September 12, 2014

3 rules for COMP 150

  • come to class
  • write everything down
  • talk to your fellow scholars

Event at clock tower, volunteers start at 6:15, event starts at 7:00. Glow run is for sexual assault awareness, It is a 5k run and a 3k walk. www, is an anonymous website for reporting sexual assault. extra credit: interview volunteers and runners, write it up for a paper, take notes from SASO speaker.

Self-Assessment- to criticize, to evaluate, reflection, observation, assess. These words can be written as verbs and nouns, Matthew thinks to criticize is to be negative, but observing is to  notice the good and the bad. whenever I get to COMP 250 I have to make definitional argument; different than evaluative argument. Ethan disagrees with Matthew because he says criticism can be used as a tool. molly thinks to evaluate is to go over what you’ve collected and reflection is going over past experiences or to look back. In Jonathans mind evaluate can be looking over what you’ve done, positive and negative. Callie thinks to evaluate is something someone else does to you or vice versa.

Writing and thinking, pro’s and con’s, formal and informal, the inside and outside. Inside yourself, evaluation is objective, and reflection is more of interior thoughts you keep to yourself

your papers will be better when you know the words your writing. Control your language, so you know what your saying means. Never agree with anybody, students have been trained to make a noise they think their professors want to hear. Joe thinks that people are nervous when they are called upon. We have to care about the language we use, and not care about being corrected. Its not necessary to be afraid. we’ve come to a point where we think nobody is going to listen, if we acknowledge we might be otherwise engaged, because it makes the situation better. Empowerment, force yourself to be heard. Don’t wait to be heard, or to empower yourself. It is my responsibility to care for my language, don’t fly under the radar.

One of the most empowering things to say when being called upon in class? “I appreciate you calling upon me, but I do not understand the question.”

  • the question showed gratefulness about being called upon
  • showed knowledge of not understanding
  • ask another student instead of the professor

don’t say kinda, sorta, pretty much or anything like that. Have distinctive vocabulary. speak with confidence.

I have to be able to show my professors I’m willing to learn, professors can see when your learning and they can see if your paying attention. To use language correctly is not the same as using language effectively.

you can face fear and you can win.


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