Conceptions and Misconceptions about Writing

  • The misconception here is that writing has the same rules everywhere, and everybody who writes anything should follow these rules. That writing is all about grammar and punctuation, but the most important parts about writing are who, what and why. Paying attention to who your writing to is a big part about writing,¬†knowing your audience determines what context to write in. The reason or purpose of what your writing is the what part, of course you have to have some knowledge about what your writing. Why are you writing about this topic? This is the question you should consider when writing at all times. Considering why you are writing about this certain topic is a good way to start researching the different aspects of your topic.
  • When writing about different information you cannot do it without putting your own information and opinion into it. This misconception is wrong because it is impossible to write about something and not put your own way of thinking or your mind into it.
  • When reading different texts everybody will have their own opinion about the writing, different people will view the text in completely different ways. People often think that when reading the same thing, everybody gets the same thing out of it, but when different people have different experiences or beliefs they relate to the text differently than others.
  • In different types of writing authors can write and not involve themselves at all. This statement is false whenever writing authors will always put themselves in the text, maybe they’ll use their experiences, their opinions, or their beliefs but an author can never completely exclude themselves from their writing
  • When an author “borrows” ideas from another text it is not plagiarism, people seem to think that whenever to texts tell the same information it is copied. All authors and writers use ideas from other texts, because when researching or just getting information about a topic, there is no way to tell you the information without borrowing the idea, or writing about what you got out of your research
  • The misconception people overthink is grammar, word choice is a big aspect of writing but writing is not always all about grammar and getting it right, writing is sharing experiences, opinions, beliefs, or really anything that comes out of your mind. Writing has a greater meaning than just “getting it right”.

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