October 9th, 2014: Book Excerpts

Victor Villanueva: Bootstraps

On page 116 Victor wrote “What I would do is read and enjoy. And, when It was time to write, what I would write about would be an explanation of what I had enjoyed” The part that I enjoyed the most about this excerpt is that the story is about a character who is a minority, and for the most part just wants the best out of his education. He wants to potentially become more than a bill collector. I relate because I’m a minority who doesn’t want to end up working at a fast food restaurant or some other low income job. Along the way the characters dreams get bigger and he realizes that he can accomplish a lot. This is a big motivation to me, maybe some day I’ll believe in myself enough to become a doctor.

Malcom X: Learning to Read

My whole life my teachers and my grandparents told me different stories about what the Europeans did to many different native tribes that were all over what is now America. In Malcom X’s story he talks about what they also did to every nation that did not have the same skin color as them, I was never told about the stories of what happen to other nations. So reading this was kind of a shock to me, I have heard people who are angry about what has happened in history talk about this situation but hearing it about a whole different culture gives it a whole new meaning for me.

Emily Strasser: Writing What Martters

On page 201 the writer talks about Gerald Graff and how in his book he makes the proposal that ” teachers should teach students to incorporate their street smarts and common skills of argumentation and persuasion into academic writing,” I agree completely because I think that students everywhere should be able to convey their messages in their writing in their own words, or in the way that they think not the way that their teacher or professor thinks. I liked this reading because it stresses the importance of writing being more than perfect grammatical┬ásentences.


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