Thoughts on October 24th Class

a lot of the time we say things or write things that we mean, but other people don’t understand. People take our writing out of context everyday, I’m glad that we talked about this in class because I feel like this is probably a really big problem in college writing. Learning to pay more attention to the way we write things, and the effort we put into writing.

we also talked about self assessing ourselves, and how to make it better. I feel like the solutions that everybody had to improving our self assessments were great ideas, I definitely didn’t have motivation for the self assessment, and I needed to care more about it to take it more seriously. My intentions were to only get the paper in and not improving.

we also defined serious, and their are a lot of different meanings to the word. i like that we do try to define simple words because we notice the difficulty of it. Even words that are so common to us take time to define, and once we get used to defining these words, it’ll be a breeze to do later in life.


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