November 3rd

Writing short stories with randomly picked words isn’t as hard as I imagined it would be, Its all about having imagination. in this class we talked about word choice, rearrangement, and the five cannons that cisero made; invention, arrangement, style.¬† I think learning these¬†different tips on writing are definitely a lot of help.

something else that we talked about was introducing problems, not exactly making them fully known, but having a little bit of mystery before and after the problem. A lot of people including myself try to take up space on a paper with a quote and not doing anything with the quotes. We have to lead people to and from the quote. working our papers so that the quote goes a long with our paper, not just tossing it in. we also talked about audience, paying attention to what their interested in and also what catches our attention. Location means a lot we all want to know when and where. Building tension, adding problems, good description, and paying attention to when and where, were the tips that I got from this class.

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