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I was born on the 7th day of august in 1996, in a little town called Pine Ridge, which is also a reservation.  Which as you could assume I’m Native American, I’m Oglala Lakota Sioux. My hometown is fairly small, and some days it felt like everybody knew everybody. I come from a really strong family, its also a big family too. I have three brothers and a lot of cousins. I have never felt alone not even while I’m twelve hours away from them , because they continue to support me. I guess you could say I’m shy and quiet, but I try to be a little cooler once I get to know people. When I was younger my favorite movie was Legally blonde, and because of that I wanted to be a lawyer. Then I grew up a little and realized I just wanted to help people, so I decided to be a pediatrician. One day I will become a doctor, but for now I’m shooting for nurse, or psychologist. My major is Public Health, and so far my Intro to Public Health class  has been my favorite class.  The different aspects that follow into healthcare are dynamic, and I can see myself being involved with public health for a long time.                                                                   10337761_707887232583288_2164378345223495865_n

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