My Class Notes: September 1, 2014

Students in class:

Ben Miller, Tyler Scott, Jennelle Mitchell, Molly Appel, Ethan Buessel, Marina Crow, Jared Adkins, Samuel Smith, Corey Francis, Katie Watson, Jessika Sowle, Matthew Jandebeur, Drew Laramie, Rob Snodgrass, Eljin Gorman, Callie Belcher, Andrew Owens, Rebecca Ward, Claire Biamaula, Josh Plutts, Raelynn Torres

  • Wednesday these notes are due, not graded (take lots of notes)
  • I’m responsible for my learning, I’m paying for this opportunity
  • resist or embrace? Embrace! I have the power to control my own learning experiences
  • Drew Laramie said “If you resist, you’re wasting a bunch of money.”
  • research is about the mind you bring to the moment you are in.
  • as long as I bring an open and alert mind I can research anything
  • I was raised in a time where people think brilliance is something written online
  • writing is a physical activity
  • I can learn more from my peers than from my professors
  • bill shared with us his experience with a previous geology major, she told him that the stuff she learned in his COMP class helped her in the field, she had to write down everything and record a lot of data. It wasn’t until later when she realized the significance of all her data
  • when asked what Tyler thought the class was thinking about he said he thinks everybody is worried about what other people are thinking, he is also from Steamboat, Tyler surmises or makes a claim that he and everyone is stressed about their new surroundings.
  • Molly is from Denver she came to FLC because she likes the mountains and scenery
  • tip #1 on good writing: learn to expand, explain further, and look for ways to connect different audiences with your concepts
  • tip #2 a thesaurus is not my friend, but a dictionary
  • tip#3 tell people no to hassle me, because I have to read my dictionary
  • tip #4 don’t use words I don’t know, use dictionary often
  • 4 steps – referring, summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting
  • I’m in college to make knowledge, I’m not in college to report to my professors what’s already in the library
  • listen and take everything in
  • if I’m not listening and being attentive in not researching
  • bring my mind, questions and everything I need to class
  • Rob took in from the class not to use words he doesn’t know
  • I’m the only person who can make knowledge from my perspective
  • never turn in a paper I started the morning of classs

My Class Notes: Setember 3, 2014

  • Participation
  • write everything on board
  • make knowledge together
  • Hospitality/ put room back together
  • be a great scholar; use kindness for others
  • be aware of how you learn.
  • how often do I act on what I know I’m supposed to do
  • note taking and descriptive writing are styles of writing
  • start learning genres of writing
  • John made a claim that bill said he came to class a day late and the professor would still be nice, Bill challenged what John said but John provided evidence to his claim by saying “we can go check the emails”
  • one reason papers fail in college is because there is no evidence
  • 1st person has to be backed with evidence
  • in text citations in work cited pages
  • recent calls on a phone are equivalent to a work cited page-who have you been talking to or reading from
  • work cited pages are for going back and accessing what in the paper
  • start papers with a hook, hook in your audience- 1st conflict; she is feeling regret
  • 2nd point of conflict; she doesn’t know what to do
  • time on task- the more time you give scholars to do anything the more it becomes a part of them
  • raise tension to grab attention
  • its not about good, its not about bad, its about learning
  • use paragraph breaks; paragraph breaks give the readers eye a break
  • always think about the reader
  • you want to be seen and noticed
  • don’t make assumptions; write down everything
  • right now at this stage I should distinguish myself as a scholar
  • you have to be hungry, if you don’t want it why are you spending money on it
  • children don’t yet know how to hide in their body
  • professors are nervous too, they’re just better at hiding it
  • higher education is a big business that a lot of money goes into.
  • how to get students to take one thing from a class and take it to another, transfer
  • how many people have ever questioned if they’ll ever use the work from the class in real life; its a research question
  • transferring can be used for everything



My Class Notes: September 15, 2014

  • Always get papers back within a week
  • always put comments on paper
  • not going to correct papers

not trying to make perfect writers, just rying to get us engaged

money is not how you buy a book, it is about how much ink you put into it, the only way you own a book is if you write in it

wrong word choice- to fix this problem don’t rely on the computer, your computer is not responsible for your errors.


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