October 10, 2014

  • we argue to find deeper meaning of what were doing
  • the conversations we have in class have to do with having us think in different ways
  • if your comfortable in a college classroom
  • listening to learn new things and learning to listem and creating new knowledge
  • your brain absorbs more when things are written vertically
  • when you hear a comment  and can attack and name it becomes texual knowledge not just free floating knowledge
  • linkage, good notes you are able to refer to clearly
  • learning more about our language
  • we assume we know how language works
  • many folds in my generation in comp i think a writing is an information dump, but its about understanding talking and listening
  • we have to pay attention to what we say and revise it and do this some thing while writing a paper
  • you have to learn how to have a conversation with yourself while writing a paper
  • word choice, how a sentence is put together, what it conveys
  • revision on a paper should be twice as long as how long it took to write the initial draft
  •  if we only think about writing in terms of papers for this door were wasting money
  • i live in a world where language is everywhere
  • Hes asking us to be willing and motivated, participation changes us gives us confidence in risking asking for help changes the way we use words
  • bill is making the claim that if he crawls into our heads we are thinking this is a class we need for college, but his claim is that we need this class for life
  • we have to be comfortable with language because it is everywhere and we will use it in life a lot
  • bill next thought is imaging a ordinary relationship between two people, notice how it works when people claim to know what were thinking and their right we like it but when they are wrong we get  mad.
  • language can help us become confident achieving power and knowing and using our own voice
  • knowing the language and caring about our words helps the world become a better place
  • bill is simply trying to get us comfortable with words and language
  • we have to be able to use our words to change the world
  • we don’t ever bother to look at our papers
  • we see lots of papers where students are just playing with the keyboards
  • scholarship is attentiveness

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