October 13, 2014

  • the expectation is that the conversation is one way but we should have questions
  • were only working on foundational skills, note taking, annotating, participate on conversation, and and knowledge making
  • taking notes is foundational skills for success
  • write it down, work with it, and make something of it
  • every time you write your working at hand eye ear coordination
  • you cant get better at writing without writing
  • if your not swinging your not hitting
  • don’t just highlight annotate
  • if its complicated it takes time
  • if its complicated i do less and somebody else does more
  • expect less of others and more of yourself
  • use the glossary have conversations together do research online, and use the index
  • best resource we have is ourselves and the effort we put in with time on task
  • language causes things to happen
  • activity analysis is studying how language makes things happen
  • spoons; when someone introduces us to spoons we didn’t know how to use it until someone showed us how over time it become operationalized or conscious
  • tools that we often use become operationalized or conscious
  • we have operationalized our language but we want to step back and become conscious of it and do something with our language
  • tools are concepts we have to take these things our of the ordinary and study them to use them
  • ethography
  • the subjects are the people who are directly participating in the activity we ant to study
  • think of a class as a community
  • the more complicated it is the earlier you start
  • fear is not your friend because were afraid we dont start
  • success is not effort at the moment of action success starts waaaaaaaaaaay earlier
  • if its complicated you invest more time
  • the basic knowledge that will help us succeed

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