October 29, 2014

  • Molly made the claim that if we dress up Friday we should get extra credit we would be putting in the effort and it might cost us money or we might get embarrassed
  • arguments are everywhere we are making claims constantly
  • counter claim, rebuttle giving evidence as to why not
  • making claims providing evidence
  • some people might judge other people
  • Rebecca made the claim that judgment and embarrassment aren’t the same
  • some people might think their too old to dress up
  • some people might have classes before this class and may be a distraction
  • but people can pack a costume in their bag
  • its fun, its Halloween, its not socially acceptable to dress up any other days of the year, personal desire, it could be fun, we could get extra credit, to show off your costume, make connections with other people wearing costumes, its a tradition, maybe you don’t usually dress up and want to , getting candy, getting your cost worth our of your costume, to join in the festivities
  • counter proposal because as a scholar bill needs to be able to give an academic reason for points that are given
  • those who show up in a  costume on Friday to show that we understand the arguments for and against the argument we had today and engaged that they will
  • an academic argument is back and forth get a half letter grade bumped up on the final self assessment
  • we have reasoned discussions with people all the time to get what we want
  • participated and learned from this conversation
  • we have to develop the skills of paraphrasing
  • understanding the argument dressing up as a sign we did
  • not just saying we understand but showing that we do
  • understanding is followed by proof

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