October 3, 2014

  • if you learn to pay attention here on details you can pay attention to them outside of the class
  • click on paragraph
  • microsoft default adds on extra space in between paragraphs
  • do not add space between paragraphs
  • works cited page
  • do not reference things in paper unless there is a works cited page
  • required in MLA format you have to use a works cited page even if your not quoting and just mentioning you still need a works cited page
  • language of courtesy
  • if you dont want to share something don’t talk about it
  • if you refer to a book, movie, or idea of someone else you have to share a works cited page
  • we have to learn to cite all material
  • do not make the mistake of saying i did not use a work cited page because I didn’t quote anything
  • dont shy away from pain, its a part of who you are
  • weve all struggled

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