October 9, 2014

  • check email all the time
  • class where students take responsibility for your own learning
  • we may hate bill but he is urging us to increase our ability to take notes
  • continue to take notes
  • preliminary work
  • we are going to start doing papers where we have to refer to each other by name
  • writing is about langage and caring for people and listening to the sounds they make
  • emphasizing taking notes because the physical act of writing gets you in touch with your body
  • the more you write the more comfortable you are with ink and paper
  • awareness to detail
  • jessika said she had trouble with writing paper, she started to read more and it helped her
  • Sammie‘s history class was hard, and his philosophy class was easy, he didn’t learn to read until he was 12 and this caused him to have traumatic experiences with it. these experiences pushed him away from writing he cheated his way though high school, he only really wrote his name until college
  • taking notes is infantry work, everyday you get a little more comfortable with writing, every moment you take notes your winning the war
  • nobody can open your brain and make you better at writing or about situation
  • Marquel wrote about her first experience with language and it was with zunee and navajo
  • fort lewis college is one of the most ethically diverse campus’s in America
  • understanding all languages equipps you to making the world a better place

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