September 22, 2014

  • When our bodies aren’t engaged neither are our minds.
  • to tell somebody your name is to make a claim, but you need evidence.
  • “I don’t know” is a clam that we use too often
  • we make claims all day, and give evidence as well
  • being hungry is a claim, the evidence is your stomach growling, being light headed, being grumpy, lacking energy, saying its time to eat and saying how long ago it was since you last ate.
  • being tired is a claim that Claire Giannaula made, her evidence was saying how much sleep she had, or being sick
  • sitting in a circle gets you more engaged
  • molly went rock climbing and her evidence was that she had blisters and gear.
  • more evidence would be pictures, a witness, or a date and time
  • I’m a scholar and I have to be a investigator
  • one thing that  molly didn’t use as evidence is telling us her first hand experience
  • another claim that a scholar made was that he was awake and focused, his evidence was that he had enough sleep, he ate breakfast, and he got hydrated
  • erasing browser history erases it from a casual observer, but does not satisfy a scholar
  • “take my word for it” or “let me be honest with you” are the types of phrases that make you doubt what someone has already told you
  • another claim that marina crow made was that she is homesick, her evidence is that she was looking online for plane tickets and she been talking to her family a lot. She is planning on leaving the evening of November 14th and coming back the morning of the 26th, in order to get the fare down she has to be willing to make more stops.
  • the process of making claims and getting evidence is something we do everyday, it is something we do as scholars.
  • we notice these claims, gather evidence, and prove the claim
  • the first claim that was made in this class was that ben competitively solved rubix cubes, he proved the claim by getting on the desk and solving a rubix cube
  • Sam made the claim that he took a shower this morning, his evidence is that his hair is still wet, but a student pointed out that it rained earlier, more evidence would be his roommate witnessing him take a shower
  • we are all animals, the thing that separates us is that we can transcend our situation and think about it
  • “so “therefore” are certain keyword terms that set up a conversation to go a certain way, its different
  • Andrew recalls when Bill said to take the process and understand it, being a scholar is about understanding.
  • word choice can make a conversation or paper fail or advance
  • your a scholar not a kid, we can be kids outside of the class, but we must be scholars in class.
  • being a kid can get in the way of us getting a college education
  • in the classroom we need a scholarly mindset
  • argue, challenge, give evidence, conceive
  • another claim that was made was that a student was cold, she corrected herself when she said “kinda” it is an act of revision
  • her evidence is that it rained therefore her feet are cold
  • the professors are not asking us to do something we don’t already know how to do, they are just asking us to perfect it in a college setting

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