September 24, 2014

  • “whats about not even trying.”
  • making knowledge
  • every class is about 25$
  • groups are for when your confused
  • classes are basically non-refundable so its up to me to get my moneys worth
  • intertexuality- a piece of writing where you borrow phrases, images or ideas from something else
  • we are constantly bringing into our writing traces from other places
  • understanding things by applying to what we already know
  • using prior knowledge
  • deconstruct the meaning of things, apply it to yourself
  • paraphrasing
  • if your not trying your not getting anywhere
  • comparing with the opposite
  • construct the definition of try- to give effort, to attempt, to apply yourself, to pursue a desire
  • the act of applying effort to a desired goal or outcome
  • doing something to the best of your abilities
  • exploring new things, overcoming obstacles, to apply yourself fully to doing something, doing your best no matter the situation, using all your abilities to accomplish something
  • goals, achieve or succeed, outcome, desire, pursue
  • new challenges
  • try, attempt, think
  • unwrap the package, start thinking
  • look at the contrast, using prior knowledge
  • intuitively as a group we came to the conclusion that what Jonathan said was out of context and irrelevant
  • learn how to move words around In a paper so that your professor has in their head exactly what you want them to hear
  • the conversation is never stopped, just paused


The time that we spent in class trying to define the word “try” was a good experience for myself, I personally have never been asked to define a word on my own. Usually I would have to use a dictionary, but even defining a simple word like “try” wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I personally think that everybody looks at different things in completely different ways, the word try to me means to put effort into doing something. When Bill started talking about how the dictionary didn’t fall out of the sky, and google was created by people to it got me thinking. If some ordinary people made the dictionary, then why not try.

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