September 3, 2014

  • Participation
  • write everything on board
  • make knowledge together
  • Hospitality/ put room back together
  • be a great scholar; use kindness for others
  • be aware of how you learn.
  • how often do I act on what I know I’m supposed to do
  • note taking and descriptive writing are styles of writing
  • start learning genres of writing
  • John made a claim that bill said he came to class a day late and the professor would still be nice, Bill challenged what John said but John provided evidence to his claim by saying “we can go check the emails”
  • one reason papers fail in college is because there is no evidence
  • 1st person has to be backed with evidence
  • in text citations in work cited pages
  • recent calls on a phone are equivalent to a work cited page-who have you been talking to or reading from
  • work cited pages are for going back and accessing what in the paper
  • start papers with a hook, hook in your audience- 1st conflict; she is feeling regret
  • 2nd point of conflict; she doesn’t know what to do
  • time on task- the more time you give scholars to do anything the more it becomes a part of them
  • raise tension to grab attention
  • its not about good, its not about bad, its about learning
  • use paragraph breaks; paragraph breaks give the readers eye a break
  • always think about the reader
  • you want to be seen and noticed
  • don’t make assumptions; write down everything
  • right now at this stage I should distinguish myself as a scholar
  • you have to be hungry, if you don’t want it why are you spending money on it
  • children don’t yet know how to hide in their body
  • professors are nervous too, they’re just better at hiding it
  • higher education is a big business that a lot of money goes into.
  • how to get students to take one thing from a class and take it to another, transfer
  • how many people have ever questioned if they’ll ever use the work from the class in real life; its a research question
  • transferring can be used for everything

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