Critically Thinking


             When we begin to develop our critical thinking skills, we develop our own process of how we can use and command different information. There is a general process for critically thinking, but this process changes from person to person (Jacquelyn Anthony). In order to truly gain command of new information, we have to be able to understand it in our own terms. The process I will follow is;

1.)    Make sure I understand what is expected of me.

2.)    Find a topic that I will enjoy writing about, or that I can apply to myself.

3.)    Begin to research.

4.)    Read perspectives that agree and disagree with my position.

5.)    Re-evaluate my position.

6.)     Consider how I can present different perspectives.

7.)    Re-examine research / assignment.

8.)    Finalize thoughts and ensure research is credible.

(Words: 150)

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