JVC Car Stereo

One of my stranger things that is included in my “Internet of Things” is the stereo in my car. It is a new model that I just purchased in August 2014. It connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to my phone to play music and/or talk on the phone through my car. I can click a button on my stereo and Siri from my phone will ask me what I want to do.

The stereo also allows me to connect to my Pandora Radio, iHeartRadio , and XM Radio just by selecting it in the menu.

Ipad 4 Retina Display

Another Apple product that I own is the Ipad 4, with retina display. This is a relatively new product for me as I have only had kindle and a google tablet previously–not any previous ipad models.

This ipad lets me AirDrop things (photos, contacts, documents) straight to my Iphone and vise-versa. This is very convenient  and allows me to seamlessly use all types of media anywhere I happen to be.

I also have a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for my Ipad that allows me to take notes in classes very easily.


Iphone 5s

I am an Apple lover. While I do not have a Mac laptop (YET!) I do love the apple products that I have. My favorite is my Iphone 5s Gold, that is pretty much attached to my hands. Everything I need is on my phone, calendar, email, messages, contacts, photos. I would be lost without this gadget that communicates effortlessly with my own “Internet of Things.”

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