Duh Duh Dummies

Today when trying to put my photos on my dummy paper it was very difficult. I knew it wasn’t going to perfect but, I got it to where it some what looked decent. I don’t know about everyone else but when Bill lets us try something out first and then go over it in class the next day it helps me a ton. When writing a paper with a picture in it always click under ‘paragraph’. Then click the box (don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style). This was the main problem I was having with my pictures. I know when writing my self assessment I am still going to have trouble make the picture look reader friendly. The other problem is I don’t have any ideas on what picture/graph to make and put on the paper. If any one would like to give me ideas I would much appreciate it.



Great day

Today has been such a great day! Class got done very early and that meant that I could go to work early and finally get off at a decent time. Once I got off work I saw my roommates moving our stuff from the house that we have been staying at for the past month. We got our new apartment located at Hillcrest. Once I walked into the apartment, all of our (heavy stuff) was moved in. That was a huge relief, because we are on the second floor and have to dodge a couple of tree to get to our new place.

Class today, was short and sweet. I still got a lot of information from the class session and set up a time to meet with Bill which of course very nervous and excited about. I am starting to think of different ideas from these past week to argue Bill on what grade I should get. On Monday, I got a lot of great ideas that I didn’t even think of. Questions and statements such as use pictures and graphs. It will I think make it more reader friendly and make the reader want to continue on. The questions that we all asked got my mine turning and thinking of ways to break them down even more.

No Internet=No Blogging

After post my last blog on Thursday, I got a call from my brother saying he needed to go to Colorado Springs and help run his new business. This meant me and my grandma needed to watch his 3 little kids all weekend. When I arrived in Pagosa Springs, at my grandmas house the craziness had all ready started. The kids were going wild! It proceed to get worse. Later, Friday night after having our own small firework show I could not find my cell phone. Next thing I know I hear a crunching sound… I found my phone but, I have stepped on it with screen down. Long story short, my phone screen wont turn on and now this is my second phone in less than two months. As if things couldn’t get any worse, my grandma on Saturday morning got sick. I am not sure if it was food poising or just a 24 hour flu, but now I have to take care of her also. This weekend was supposed to be a nice relaxing weekend here in Durango, but turned south very fast. I still had a great time with all the nieces and nephew, but I acopmished very little for this class and even had to miss a day of work.


Crazy Bill!!!

For those who didn’t make it to class today,  they missed a great show from Bill. To start off the conversation, Kat asked Bill what his plans were for the 4th. He had a response that only Bill could say. He said” well I am going to wake up early read everyones blog and think about them all day.” Kat with no hesitation replied your lying. Bill started sing a song that lasted for a minute or two. This was only the start to the crazy morning. Next, we went around the room asking if we blogged last night. My scholars that didn’t do them, Bill asked them to do a head stand. Pretty soon it turned into the whole class trying to do a head stand. I was very surprised, Bill has some pretty good head standing skills!

Our second part, was to blog about our readings. We had to make a comparison and make an argument. When we got done from blogging for 30 minutes, we went back up to get productive criticism  from Bill and my fellow scholars. I learned that it is much easier to see small errors in others writing then mine. When my blog came up everyone gave me great information on how to improve my writing. I really hope my scholars leave more comments on how to improve my writing in the future.


Victor Villaneva

When “trying” to read this article I had a very hard time following along. I think what really made it was confusing is how they kept going from first (I) person to third person (HE). This has broken every rule I have ever been taught. When writing a paper I was taught to always keep it in the same form, first person or third person. With the constant change, I feel that this made the reading a lot harder then it had to be.

Connections on MX and VV

When reading these two articles I could not only draw connections with my life but, I could see a lot of similar things between the articles. When Malcolm X was in the streets hustling people he had very little schooling and little knowledge of the English language. This was soon to change, when we went to prison he started to read and write. It wasn’t easy at first Malcolm would have to skip lines just because he couldn’t pronounce or know what words meant. This only pushed him harder to learn the English language. For a while he stopped reading books and just picked up the dictionary and pushed himself tow write down every word and punctuation. Soon, he had written over 1 million words and expanded his knowledge tremendously. This success story is very similar to Victor Villanueva. When Victor enrolled into his second college he failed in his French Class and his English class. He didn’t give up just like Malcolm didn’t give up. He took a different path to reach his goals. He dropped out of his harder French class and took a easier one which helped understand the language a lot better. When getting a 36/100 on his first English paper he didn’t hang his head down. He was a problem solver, he went to the school library and found books that his professor had published to see what style of writing his teacher was looking for. This seemed to work for most of his English classes and helped him get through college. The connection between these articles is very simple but, very motivating. Both men didn’t  succeed on their first shot at the English language, but they spent a lot of extra time and hard work  to understand English. They both had hardships with being a minority in America, but they looked passed that and pursued what they had a passion for… the English language.


Today in class we had three very interesting conversations in which we all participated in. The first conversation we had was on our homework that is due on the 4th of July. We are just reading 8 pages and, Bill made that very clear to us. It is on the  Introduction to the Conversation which Bill said  “it is not scholarly written.” When reading is section of Writing about Writing  we need to annotate  it in our own words. When we complete this we need to summarize all 6 sections in our own words. Once we have completed this step now we must blog and after that write the introduction. This last step is new for me, I have been taught my whole life to write the intro first and describe what we are going to write about. We talked about the intro and how we should break it down in two parts. One what we learned in the reading and the second on the 5 step process.

The other thing that I learned today was when writing a research paper to end it in a question. This means there will always be research to be done on ones topic. When I was in high school writing a research paper I would state the problem and say how I think the best way to fix it. Nothing more as if I knew the problem and right solution  and everyone should listen to it. After today, I realize that it will be more professional to end it with a question,  as there is more research to be done. I know I have never done this before but, I am glad to learn this because this will help my papers be much more professional.

The third thing that our class had a great discussion about was from my statement. I said” its easy to remember information from this class because its only one and  we blog about it. What happens when i am taking 5 or 6 classes?” My scholars went around the room with different ideas that could help me in the Fall semester. There was a lot of helpful ideas that in a way where similar. Such as Jen and April said to rewrite my notes and read them out loud. Marc and Bill had the idea to tell someone and even if that someone was a fellow scholar or a recording  in my phone.. I already do that with this class, my dad calls me after each class to see what we talked about. This way seems to really help me out because, I am repeating the information we just learned.  Everyones idea was very helpful and I hope by sharing my problem  it helped my other scholars get ideas to succeed in college.

Meeting With Bill

I just got done  meeting with Bill today. I have been nervous and excited all day to discuss my paper with him. I thought that I wrote a very strong paper with a lot of emotion and put a lot effort in it. I did double check and also had one of my roommates proof read it, so I thought there would be minimal erros. I was wrong, just in my introduction Bill found at least 5 things that I needed to change. Bill preceded to say that I need to work more on my fundamentals which included punctuation, inappropriate words, and capalization. Next thing Bill suggested was that instead of my roommates and my dad proof reading my work to have one of my fellow scholars read my writings.  My schaolars know what we are writing about and what ways to help my writings become stronger.

I have set a very high goal in this class and after talking to Bill I do not feel that I have or will reach my goal. We have only 5 days  or (4weeks) of class left. He gave me some tips to reach the goal. I need to spend 1-2 hours 7 days a week on blogging to reach my goal. I thought on my ride home why not start getting into a better habit of blogging right after we have learned something new. I know this habit of blogging everyday will be the success for reaching my goal.

And yes Bill, I read out loud with a pen under every word pronouncing every thing!

Twenty Minute Writing

Today in class we did something much different than the past three weeks. We did a twenty Minute writing on the connection between writing and learning. As soon as Bill gave us this topic I knew what to write and I didn’t stop the whole twenty minutes. In my writing I took quotes from Bill, and paraphrased them into my own words and idea. Things like, if you don’t right everything down there will be something that you missed and won’t be able to make into knowledge.  I continued to say that, if you can look at writing not as just words on paper but 3D, this will help you to learn the information. I also gave examples on different forms of writing like Facebook, Twitter and school papers.

After the twenty minutes he had us go up to the board and summarize what we have written down. When I got up to the board it was very hard to remember what my first page was about. I froze I didn’t know where to start and how I can summarize twenty minutes of writing into just five short minutes. When looking at my fellow scholars I saw that Marc used the same quote as me “learning and writing go hand and hand.” This was very interesting because yet we used the same quote but wrote what it meant in a totally different way. I think all of us could connect to each other summaries in one way or another.

We took five main points that are very important, and will help us in our future writings to come. The first one is that summarizing a paper you wrote is a lot harder than just free writing. Everyone can take up time but, if your time is limited you really have to critically think what the most important information is. The next one is breakthroughs, this means even when summarizing you can still get that AHH-HAA moment such as April got when she said “writing and learning can both be external and internal. In Daltons writing he used the term critically thinking three times and it got Bill to wonder if he knew that that truly meant. After pushing Dalton it helped me understand even better what that phrase meant. That example is to show that you need to use detail to help guide your reader. When summarizing you need to not quote what you wrote down but phrase it in a different way so you can get all the main points down but, not repeating it word for word. The last is be opened minded in my summery I used “not that important” I am not the one to judge what is important and what’s not. I need to stay with the open mind, I catch myself doing this all time. If I can fix this problem my writings will be much stronger.

Peekay Research

Before this class session with Peekay, I only used google to get my information for academic papers and everyday life. Google is a great source but, there are many different search engines. For example the website duckduckgo.com is a search engine that doesn’t know anything about you unlike google, so your most likely will get different results. The one new tool that I found most interesting was the Fort Lewis Library. You can control just about everything on it. From how recent you want your search to go back or even what type of source you are getting your information from. When writing an academic paper you need to source your information and make sure it is legit. With the Fort Lewis search engine you can limit your search to just Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals this will help you find the best information on your topic. A little trick to also help narrow down your search, is using quotations around a word or the whole phrase. This makes the search engine look up just that word you put in quotes so it will help you find the right information.