Peekay Research

Before this class session with Peekay, I only used google to get my information for academic papers and everyday life. Google is a great source but, there are many different search engines. For example the website is a search engine that doesn’t know anything about you unlike google, so your most likely will get different results. The one new tool that I found most interesting was the Fort Lewis Library. You can control just about everything on it. From how recent you want your search to go back or even what type of source you are getting your information from. When writing an academic paper you need to source your information and make sure it is legit. With the Fort Lewis search engine you can limit your search to just Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals this will help you find the best information on your topic. A little trick to also help narrow down your search, is using quotations around a word or the whole phrase. This makes the search engine look up just that word you put in quotes so it will help you find the right information.

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