Twenty Minute Writing

Today in class we did something much different than the past three weeks. We did a twenty Minute writing on the connection between writing and learning. As soon as Bill gave us this topic I knew what to write and I didn’t stop the whole twenty minutes. In my writing I took quotes from Bill, and paraphrased them into my own words and idea. Things like, if you don’t right everything down there will be something that you missed and won’t be able to make into knowledge.  I continued to say that, if you can look at writing not as just words on paper but 3D, this will help you to learn the information. I also gave examples on different forms of writing like Facebook, Twitter and school papers.

After the twenty minutes he had us go up to the board and summarize what we have written down. When I got up to the board it was very hard to remember what my first page was about. I froze I didn’t know where to start and how I can summarize twenty minutes of writing into just five short minutes. When looking at my fellow scholars I saw that Marc used the same quote as me “learning and writing go hand and hand.” This was very interesting because yet we used the same quote but wrote what it meant in a totally different way. I think all of us could connect to each other summaries in one way or another.

We took five main points that are very important, and will help us in our future writings to come. The first one is that summarizing a paper you wrote is a lot harder than just free writing. Everyone can take up time but, if your time is limited you really have to critically think what the most important information is. The next one is breakthroughs, this means even when summarizing you can still get that AHH-HAA moment such as April got when she said “writing and learning can both be external and internal. In Daltons writing he used the term critically thinking three times and it got Bill to wonder if he knew that that truly meant. After pushing Dalton it helped me understand even better what that phrase meant. That example is to show that you need to use detail to help guide your reader. When summarizing you need to not quote what you wrote down but phrase it in a different way so you can get all the main points down but, not repeating it word for word. The last is be opened minded in my summery I used “not that important” I am not the one to judge what is important and what’s not. I need to stay with the open mind, I catch myself doing this all time. If I can fix this problem my writings will be much stronger.

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