Today in class we had three very interesting conversations in which we all participated in. The first conversation we had was on our homework that is due on the 4th of July. We are just reading 8 pages and, Bill made that very clear to us. It is on the  Introduction to the Conversation which Bill said  “it is not scholarly written.” When reading is section of Writing about Writing  we need to annotate  it in our own words. When we complete this we need to summarize all 6 sections in our own words. Once we have completed this step now we must blog and after that write the introduction. This last step is new for me, I have been taught my whole life to write the intro first and describe what we are going to write about. We talked about the intro and how we should break it down in two parts. One what we learned in the reading and the second on the 5 step process.

The other thing that I learned today was when writing a research paper to end it in a question. This means there will always be research to be done on ones topic. When I was in high school writing a research paper I would state the problem and say how I think the best way to fix it. Nothing more as if I knew the problem and right solution  and everyone should listen to it. After today, I realize that it will be more professional to end it with a question,  as there is more research to be done. I know I have never done this before but, I am glad to learn this because this will help my papers be much more professional.

The third thing that our class had a great discussion about was from my statement. I said” its easy to remember information from this class because its only one and  we blog about it. What happens when i am taking 5 or 6 classes?” My scholars went around the room with different ideas that could help me in the Fall semester. There was a lot of helpful ideas that in a way where similar. Such as Jen and April said to rewrite my notes and read them out loud. Marc and Bill had the idea to tell someone and even if that someone was a fellow scholar or a recording  in my phone.. I already do that with this class, my dad calls me after each class to see what we talked about. This way seems to really help me out because, I am repeating the information we just learned.  Everyones idea was very helpful and I hope by sharing my problem  it helped my other scholars get ideas to succeed in college.

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