Meeting With Bill

I just got done  meeting with Bill today. I have been nervous and excited all day to discuss my paper with him. I thought that I wrote a very strong paper with a lot of emotion and put a lot effort in it. I did double check and also had one of my roommates proof read it, so I thought there would be minimal erros. I was wrong, just in my introduction Bill found at least 5 things that I needed to change. Bill preceded to say that I need to work more on my fundamentals which included punctuation, inappropriate words, and capalization. Next thing Bill suggested was that instead of my roommates and my dad proof reading my work to have one of my fellow scholars read my writings.  My schaolars know what we are writing about and what ways to help my writings become stronger.

I have set a very high goal in this class and after talking to Bill I do not feel that I have or will reach my goal. We have only 5 days  or (4weeks) of class left. He gave me some tips to reach the goal. I need to spend 1-2 hours 7 days a week on blogging to reach my goal. I thought on my ride home why not start getting into a better habit of blogging right after we have learned something new. I know this habit of blogging everyday will be the success for reaching my goal.

And yes Bill, I read out loud with a pen under every word pronouncing every thing!

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